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Zoom Instruments mfg co. Manufactures a vast range of product with “zoom brand” there is more to this statement then meets the eye. True, we have evolved as a manufacturer of repute over the years and have constantly added new products to our range, which has resulted in a vast range. But our basic intention was never to be a “jack of all and master of none” we have always kept our design and development department on their toes, even when a product has been positively accepted in the market. We have made changes of the better instead of resting on our laurels.
We manufacture the gauges used for chemical process / pharmaceuticals / petrochemical / power generation / oil and gas / fertilizer / refineries / food and cement industries etc.......

  Zoom was incorporated in 2003 in a short span of five years in our respective field’s zoom instruments have   penetrated their products into the market through their strong dealer network and grasped a remarkable market   share and very well developed customer base. Our comprehensive range of product and market penetration speaks   of our quality and sincere market presence. The mool mantra of this success story has always remain the same, the   notion of passing fixed proportion of additional and gains to the customer by continuous value addition to product   and services.

  • The quality program-
  Since its inception, zoom instrument has created its own quality standards employing strict specifications at each   stage of product development, manufacturing & procurement ensuring that every instrument is precise and reliable.   Confirming in its entirely to quality standard, this quality program is now implemented throughout our operation and   including R & D, Production, Sales and Service Support.

  • Zoom instruments as your partner-
  We are committed to traditional business ethics to ensure the trust and loyality of clients. Firm business relationships   have been built on zoom instrument mfg co reputation as a reliable business and suitable associates. We deal with   our external partners in an honest and ethical way.