Level Measuring Instruments
  Reflex Transprent Level Gauge -
» Usefull for hifh temperature and high pressure liquid stroge     tank in frtilizer / pharmecuitacals / chemical indutries etc….
 » MS / SS – 304 / SS – 316 / PP / Alluminum
 » Maximium length 3000 MM in single piece / other sacale on     specific request

Reflex Transprent Level Gauge
Reflex Transprent Level Gauge
  Float And Board Level Gauge -
» Mainly used for storage tank of Oil, FO, OEM water tank,     Lube oil, HCL acid, Alkalies etc..
 » Vapour seal for special application like HCL, N2, Purged     tank diluted alkalies etc..
 » Suitable for tall and large tank non- pressurized &       
    non-hazardous chemical storage tank
 » A large self centered float follows the liquid level in this     gauge, a rope fitted with a float moves over a pair of dust     free pulley, level is indicated by a pointer moving on     150MM width aluminimum powdered coated scale
 » Height 1mtr-25mtr & other scale on request
 » Also available in pp

Float And Board Level Gauge
Float And Board Level Gauge